Welcome to our school

Roydon Primary School has a long history dating back to 1876 and is located in the village of Roydon on the Hertfordshire/Essex border. The school caters for children aged 4 to 11 and became part of Burnt Mill Academy Trust (BMAT) in December 2013. We are part of the BMAT West Essex Hub which includes Freshwaters Primary Academy, Cooks Spinney Primary School, Little Parndon Primary School, Burnt Mill Secondary Academy in Harlow, Epping St Johns Secondary School and ourselves.

Today our school consists of the original Victorian School House, a 1970s addition, two mobile classrooms and a new building housing two classrooms and a multipurpose hall. We are fortunate to have fabulous outside facilities including extensive playing fields, an amphitheatre, football cage and a wild area as well as our own pond, and each class has their own mini allotment which gives us plenty of learning opportunities outside of the classroom.

Every pupil and member of staff is part of a house team that they stay with for their whole time at our school.  This means pupils can make friends with children from other classes of different ages and can compete for their house in a wide range of events.

Our reward system for pupils helps them to learn and to be successful members of the school community. Pupils can earn points for their house with the achievements and dojo points for their learning attitude. Star of the week awards are handed out weekly for excellent attitude, behaviour and achievements. We also have a Head of School's class of the week and not to forget punctuality awards.

Class councils are held every week to discuss issues and make decisions on changes that we can make to make the school even better.  The Junior Leadership Team (JLT) representatives meet regularly with the head teacher ensuring that the pupil voice is heard.

We aim to work closely with families, and believe that you should be kept well informed about how your child is getting on. In addition to termly parents’ evenings, you are always welcome to make an appointment to visit our classrooms and talk to staff. We will keep you informed of school news and events through the school newsletter, website and or course the twitter page! We also hold several events throughout the academic year where we invite parents into the school. These include mothers and fathers day events, sports day, reading mornings, sharing assemblies, performances, open monrings and more!

At Roydon we take great pride in our school and every member of our school community works hard to provide high quality education, care and support for every child and every family.

Mr Michael Clark

Head of School