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Overseas trip a first for primary schools

Overseas trip a first for primary schools

Posted: 9th July 2018

A family of primary schools undertook their first combined trip abroad.

A group of 100 Year 5 and 6 pupils and 20 staff from BMAT primary schools Cooks Spinney, Freshwaters, Little Parndon and Roydon each spent a day in Bologne-sur-Mer.

With a 4.30am start, the group visited the old town where they bought croissants, had lunch on the beach and visited Nausicaa aquarium where they saw the new shark tanks.

It was the first time the BMAT group of primary schools had organised a combined trip taking young pupils overseas.

The Trust has employed a team of subject directors to work across the Trust’s primary and secondary schools to ensure children of all ages and backgrounds have access to experiences and opportunities to become experts in all subjects.

Flora Christofi, BMAT director of languages, said: “The trip enabled children to experience language learning in an authentic environment.”

Children were able to give communicating in France a go during a shopping trip to a French supermarket to buy gifts.

Stuart Pope, executive head for Cooks Spinney and Roydon, said: “It was the first time many of the children had been abroad and for most of them the first time on a ferry.

“The children were fantastic and really made us proud; they were impeccable on the ferry and very calm and respectful in the village. We enjoyed walking around the village and taking in some French culture before heading to the beach in Boulogne-sur-mer for lunch. This gave everyone some free time to enjoy the weather and chill out on the sand. We then went into the Nausicaa Aquarium and saw some amazing sea life, including sharks and sea lions. And the children thought the Cayman crocodiles were pretty cool, too!

“The children brought back lots of memories and stories to share. It was great for them to experience a different country, different culture, using different currency and to learn new language and understand a different way of life.

“It was a great experience and something we will definitely be doing again.”

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