Rewarding Children at Roydon

Roydon Primary school’s Code of Conduct: BE KIND, BE SAFE, BE RESPONSIBLE is the starting point for positive behaviour and effective learning.  Our code of conduct enables adults and children to talk about behaviour and learning in language that we all understand.  You will often hear adults discussing safe behaviour with children or praising them for their kindness to others.  

Verbal praise: we are always focused on our children’s learning and their behaviour.  Children are praised by all adults (and other children) when they are polite, well mannered, kind to others, responsible, share resources, think of others before themselves, are safe, make sensible choices and much, much more. Effort, progress and achievement in learning are all recognised as praiseworthy.  Praise can be given without a reward.  It is important that the children understand that behaving well and learning well are expected and can take place without a reward being attached.

Housepoints: Each child belongs to a house team and each week house points are given to children to acknowledge good behaviour, learning success and learning effort.  Your child may receive housepoints in their books for good work, completion of homework, excellent learning progress and much much more.  Teachers, TAs, office staff and dinner ladies all give housepoints for good behaviour and for following the Code of Conduct.  The children add their housepoints on to their housepoint charts and we encourage a culture of trust and responsibility as the children are expected to record their own housepoints.  Gathering housepoints leads to housetime.  If a child earns a number of housepoints within the week then they can take part in housetime.  House time is 20 mins of free time on a Friday afternoon as a reward for positive behaviour and good learning throughout the week. The children in each class who earn the highest number of housepoints that week receive a special letter from the Headteacher congratulating them on a good week.

Postcards: Special postcards are sent home if a child has done something particularly worthy of praise.  This enables parents to be involved in the celebration!

Headteacher awards: Children are often sent to the Head Teacher if they have completed a piece of excellent work, made good learning progress, met a challenge, worked well with others or has behaved exceptionally well.  Special Headteacher award stickers are given to these children – along with five housepoints!

Golden child: Each term one child from each class is rewarded in Golden Assembly.  The child is chosen because of their great attitude to learning and their kindness to others.  Parents are invited to this assembly and a special badge is given.  The children wear these badges with pride.

Certificates: Each week at Friday’s Celebration Assembly, certificates are awarded for progress and achievement in learning; badges are also given.  Code of Conduct certificates are awarded to children who have been kind, safe and responsible that week.  Lunchtime certificates are awarded by dinner ladies to children who have: eaten all their lunch, played well, shared with others, been responsible and kind.  We keep records of the children who received awards but there are no limitations on how many times a child can receive an award. The certificates are awarded on merit and may also be used to boost confidence and support positive learning attitudes.

House teams: become even more important as we train for sports day.  On Sports Day the children race for their House and we have trophies for the winning house in the morning’s competitive events and for the winning house in the afternoon for the fun sports events.

Trophies: Trophies are presented to Year 6 children at the end of year Leavers Assembly.  These awards recognise excellence in writing, mathematics, science and sport.