Local Advisory Board


The Local Advisory Board (LAB) was previously known as the Governing Body.

Roydon Primary School LAB aims to continue to improve communication and links between Board members, staff, parents and children and it hopes that  part of this aim will be met through regular news updates providing information on Board membership and activities.

The LAB is actively involved in all aspects of school life. It has a responsibility to ensure that all members of the school community are safe and have equality of opportunity and it works with school staff to support school improvement and monitor the impact.

LAB members are all volunteers and give up their skills, experience and time for free in order to help and support the school. A large proportion are parents and can regularly be seen on the school run. Please feel free to stop any one of them in the playground (or anywhere else for that matter!) with any question you might have about the school. You may also write to the LAB via the school office. The list below gives a quick run-down of who's who and everyone's specific responsibilities.

Please find copies of the minutes from meetings below.

Name Role
Andy Jamieson Chair 
Suzanne White Appointed by the company
Helena Mills Chief Executive Officer
Michael Clark Head of School
Stuart Pope Executive Head of School
Rosemary Turner Staff Governor
Christopher Smith Vice Chair - Parent Governor
Anthony Kirk Community Governor
Mathew Girvan Staff Governor
Dee Conlon Appointed by the company