Below is the feedback from our Autumn parent surveys completed in December 2017.

At the bottom of this page you will find an image of the percentages of parents who agreed with the key statements, these were;

My child is happy at Roydon

My child is making good progress at Roydon

I am satisfied with the amount of homework my child receives

My child feels safe at Roydon

There is a wide range of extra-curricular activities available for my child


The best thing about Roydon is....

-  My child feels supported by staff

- How easy our son has found it to settle in, having not known anyone before starting at the school.

- Mr Clark and all the staff at Roydon are so approachable and kind. Great teachers.

- The hard work, passion and dedication of the teachers and staff.

- The staff.

- Encourages individuality, thinking and accomplishments

- Communication Curriculum/educational standards

- The sense of community

- It's a lovely nice community school. It also has a driven head teacher. I still remember vividly the lacklustre head teacher at a previous school who cared so little about our visit to the school. Roydon was first class service from the off.

- The parent/staff communication. Any concerns I have are expressed to staff & they work with me to deal with issues.

- The communication methods between the school/teachers and parents is fantastic. The use of class dojo for messaging and for seeing what points my daughter is getting is a brilliant tool.

- Small and friendly community

- Location, fun and friendly staff

- Staff go to a lot of effort to encourage the children. The new mural on the wall as you enter the gates is so welcoming, I think that sort of thing makes a big difference to children. The Dojo app and the Tapestry apps are very helpful - I can see what they children have been doing and they love being told when they've got a Dojo point for doing something good.

- The community feel and care shown by members of staff

- I’m amazed by the commitment of the teachers and appreciate all your efforts to care for my daughter, help her develop and keep me informed.

- Everyone is treated equally and listened too and that when there is a concern or a general query there is a good response and things are put in place

- it's community spirit. and the effort the teachers and staff make with the children.

- Fantastic and committed staff.


If you could change one thing about Roydon Primary, what would it be....

- A wider range of extra-curricular activities

- Cannot think of anything

- School lunches could be healthier and more varied

Communication can always be better

- At the moment nothing, felt like we started the year hitting the ground running, and I see continuous little improvements as we continue through the year.

- A TA in each class.

- More school outings.

- More consistency with homework set and children to be stretched regarding their ability

Would you recommend Roydon Primary Academy to another family? If so why?

Yes I would. - the staff have made an impact on our son, and helped him develop.

Yes, it’s a nice community school, although part of BMAT, the school still seems to have its own individuality

Yes, both my boys have been through Roydon, I realise there is a need for academic achievement however its more about them having a good experience and having fun in primary I feel.

Yes. Because it’s a happy and friendly community. My children have achieved a lot since going to Roydon

Yes - very good school, professionally run and encouraging high standards of learning

Yes. I think it’s a nice village school which is a real part of the community.

Yes. I recommend Roydon to many people & through this one person has put Roydon as their first choice for their child who starts school in September 18! Fantastic school & staff are amazing. Well done

Yes because my children are and have always been very happy here. I think any child will learn to the best of their ability with the right help and happy atmosphere.

Absolutely. My children are enjoying the school very much. The children genuinely look out for each other, it's a great environment to learn.

Yes, we feel that not only is Roydon a good school educationally and that our daughter is progressing beyond in,but it has a close knit feel that is nurturing and you feel like you are part of a big family what better way for children to learn and thrive in.


The above answers are all the words of current parents at Roydon.

Since the last survey we have worked hard to extend the amount of after school activities with a focus on KS1 ensuring they have a club. We have extended our provision for our more able learners not only with special events but also in day to day practice. We are always working on making sure communication home is as good as it possibly can be. Outdoor areas continue to be improved with a particular focus on the EYFS garden.

Thank you very much for your honest and constructive feedback, as a staff we will continue to strive to make Roydon the best it can possibly be! If you have any further questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your continued support.

Kind Regards


Mr Clark

Head of School