Enriched Curriculum

At Roydon, we follow The Enriched Curriculum for foundation subjects. It prepares pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life in the 21st century. The Enriched Curriculum uses The National Curriculum set out by the UK government as its basis. We teach all of the skills and knowledge children will need for their future education across a wide range of contexts.

How it works

Each year group selects a topic for the half-term and focusses on one of our three areas of study. By allowing children to learn within a context, each subject can be enriched and offer pupils the opportunity to deepen understanding and develop new skills.

Area of Study

Science and Technology

The Arts


Subjects included



•Design Technology

•Cooking and Nutrition

•Art and Design







Year group staff are able to choose their own topics for each half-term – no theme is off limits, so long as teachers can ensure they will be able to deliver the curriculum KPI’s via these topics.

We encourage teachers to play to their strengths and choose topics they are comfortable delivering. Teachers are also encouraged to think of topics that will excite, engage and encourage learners

Having some compulsory topics enables us to cover the entire National Curriculum whilst avoiding repetition of topics for our pupils. Topics such as The Victorians, WWII, Stone Age, weather and Ancient Civilisations.

Taking The Classroom Outside

We encourage taking our topics outside. From re-enacting scenes from Narnia to building Stone Age shelters, we don’t place boundaries on our classrooms. All pupils have the opportunity to get outside and use their surroundings as a backdrop for learning.

Cross-Curricular Learning

In addition to the key areas of study, The Enriched Curriculum also encourages cross-curricular learning in maths, writing, reading and science. We empower our pupils to make links across subjects by providing a clear context for learning.

Each topic is linked to a quality text – this allows for cross-curricular writing and reading opportunities. 

WOW Days

WOW days are an engaging and inclusive way to launch or consolidate learning within a topic. They can be carried out at any time during a half-term.

Trips and Visitors

Our keeps as database of approved visitors to call upon for WOW days including free visitors such as local PCSOs, emergency services workers, local faith leaders, local athletes, artists and charity workers. We also provide a list of paid visitors such as historians, actors, travelling theatres, animal handlers, explorers and scientists.

Trips are encouraged at least termly and can be linked to topics.

WOW Days, trips and visitors are interchangeable but we suggest year groups provide at least one per half-term.

For anymore information on the Enriched Curriculum please contact either Miss Lawman or Mr Clark.